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VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA - From Today 15th July 2011

Movie Name : Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga
Releasing : 15th July 2011
Cast : Vijay Raghavendra, Naveen Krishna, Meghana Gaonkar...
Music Director : V Harikrishna
Director : V Nagendra Prasad
Producer : GT Pampaapathi, V Nagendra Prasad
Banner : GT Productions, Utsava Movies
Label : Ashwini Media Networks
Lyrics : Dr V Nagendra Prasad

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA Releasing This Friday 15th July 2011

V.Nagendra Prasad avaru nirdeshisiruva haagu Vijay Raghavendra,Naveen Krishna,Manish Chandra,megha gaunkar abhinayisiruva "VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA"

kannada chalana chitra shukravara 15/7/2011 randu rajyadyanta bidugade aaguttiddu nimma sahakara haagu preeti e chalanachitra da mele irali anta korikollutiddene..Ellaru hogi cinema nodi, kandita ellarigu ishta aago anta chitra "VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA" ....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

VGB teams promotional trip ends successfully

By Thankam Suresh

At Hassan they went to a college on 08/07/11, where they were welcomed by an excited crowd of students. They had a great interactive session and Actors Vijaya Raghavendra and Meghna Gaonkar danced among the students. The entire VGB team really enjoyed the time they spend with the college students.

On the final Day which was on 09/07/11, the VGB team visited Tumkur and was welcomed by a huge group of fans. They had an elaborate road show. The team then travelled back to Bangalore from there.Director Nagendra Prasad and the entire VGB team thanked all their fans for their great support in making the VGB promotional trip a great success.

The movie Vinayaga Galeyere Balaga will be releasing on 15th July and is sure to give a great feel while watching in the big screen. So be there to be a part of a truly wonderful experience.

To get more info about Vinayagaa Galeyere Balaga and the team logon to
Visit the official site of VGB

VGB team recieves a grand welcome by Ex-CM Kumarasamy's Association

By Thankam Suresh

The VGB team visited Gadag on 07/07/11, where they were welcomed by a group of fans. There they visited Bipin Higher secondary school and had an interaction with the students and teachers. It was a lovely experience for the VGB team.
On 08/07/11 the VGB team left to Hassan, where they encountered an amazing experience. The entire city of Hassan was decorated with VGB posters and the team was received by ex-Chief Minister Kumarasamy’s Association.

They were taken to an auditorium where a musical show was arranged as a part of their welcome.It was a wonderful experience for the VGB team.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Director Nagendra Prasad offers opportunities for fashion desgning students

The VGB TEAM was greeted by several fans at Bagalkot,Mudval & Belgaum on 05/07/11. They had a press meet and road show over there.
On 06/07/11, the VGB team visited Dharwad and was welcomed by a huge group of fans. There they had a press meet and proceeded to have an interactive session with the students of Kittel Arts & Commerce College, Dharwad. The students were so excited and they requested the Actor, Vijaya Raghavendra, to sing. Vijaya Raghavendra sang a very beautiful song from the movie Vinayaga Galeyere Balaga. The students gave a huge applause and wished him and the entire team a huge success.

From there the VGB team went to ITA- Institute of Fashion Designing for another session with the students. There Director Nagendra Prasad was pleased to see the upcoming fashion designers and promised to give them projects related to costume designing in his next movie.
They next visited Hubli, where they were welcomed in a desi style, by bursting crackers by an excited crowd at Chennamma circle. They had an elaborate roadshow for almost 3 Kms and also a press meet.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

VINAYAGA GELEYERA BALAGA team visits Meghna Gaonkar's home town

On 04/07/11 the VGB team visited the home town of the film’s Heroine Meghna Gaonkar which is Gulbarga. A massive crowd with bandset had got together to welcome the VGB team and especially the girl of their city.
The entire city of Gulbarga were excited to see Meghna, the girl who had made their city proud by creating a mark in the Kannada film industry. There they had an interactive session with the crowd and also a press meet.

VGB team’s next stop was at Bijapur, where they had a press meet. They were invited for coffee at the residence of SP of Bijapur Mr. D.C. Rajanna. After that the VGB team started their journey to Jamkandi near Bijapur.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Enormous crowd recieves Vinayaga Geleyera Balaga Team at Sindhanur & Gangavati

An enormous crowd consisting of more than 5000 people welcomed the VGB team at Sindhanur on 03/07/11.
The crowd was so excited to see the team and in the chaos, a girl met with an accident. As soon as the VGB team heard about that, they visited the girl and gave a small gift as a token of their concern towards her. There they also had an elaborate stage show and a press meet at the MLA’s residence.

From there the VGB team journeyed to Gangavati,where they were again welcomed by a larger group than Sindhanur.
There they attended a press meet at the press club and also a road show. The main highlight was the live telecast with the VGB team by the GSPN channel at Gangavati. It was a 20 minute programme in which the VGB team received numerous phone calls and messages from fans across the city. It was an awesome experience for the VGB team and they thanked everyone for the wishes and support they have shown so far.

Next the team will be visiting Belgaum & Raichur. To know more log on to

To get more info also check the official site of VGB

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hospet & Koppla heartily welcomes the Vinayaga Geleyere Balaga team

BY Thankam Suresh
The VGB team visited Hospet also known as ghani nadu which is famous for mines on 02/07/11. The team received a very warm welcome from the people and the media out there. They also had a press release that discussed about the various aspects of the movie Vinayaga Galeyere Balaga and the team’s future plans regarding the promotion of the film.
The VGB team’s next stop was Koppla, where they were welcomed by a huge group of fans with bandset and music. There they had a roadshow and also a press meet.
VGB team visited a government school at Koppla, where they were welcomed by a group of students who were extremely happy to see them. There they had an interaction with the students and as a part of their environmental campaign, they planted trees with the help of the students.
VGB team was extremely happy to receive a positive response from their countless fans and thanked them for their co-operation.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA Promotional Trip kickstarts at Chitradurga & Davengere

By Thankam Suresh

VGB team’s first visit was to Chitradurga on 01/07/11, where they were greeted with a huge number of fans. MLA Mr.Basavaraj & Nagarasabha Adhyaksharu Sunitha Mallikarjun, ex- Nagarasabha Adhyaksharu and various media were present there to welcome Nagendra Prasad’s VGB team. As part of their social activity, the team then visited an ashram over there and had lunch with the inmates.

From there they started their journey to Davangere. As soon as the team entered the city, an enormous crowd welcomed them with huge applause. There the VGB team together with their fans conducted a road show for almost 3 kms which was an amazing experience.

After that the team was invited for an orchestra organized by their fans. The orchestra was simply superb and the main highlight was the dance performance by an eight year old kid. He was immensely talented and the whole VGB team was mesmerized by his performance. Director Nagendra Prasad, after watching him, immediately offered him a role in his upcoming movie with Shivrajkumar.

The fist day of the promotional trip NIMMOORALLI VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA, had been a huge success and the VGB team thanked the fans and the media for their encouragement & co-operation.

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VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA Promotional Trip Starts From Bangalore Today

By Thankam ಸುರೇಶ

VGB(VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA) team started their promotional trip today(01/07/2011). They will be visiting various cities across Karnataka.
The entire team comprising Director Nagendra Prasad, Dialogue writer Malavalli Saikrishna, Vijay Raghavendra, Naveena Krishnaa, Meghana Gaonkar and entire team.. & other technical team had gathered around 8.30. a.m, today at Ganesha Temple near Bull Temple road, Bangalore to commence an auspicious start for the event. Actor Prem made a surprise visit to the event, wish the VGB time with all great success while The BJP Councilor was also present. A procession went on for around 2 Kms starting from the Bull Temple. The event was covered by various media and a huge crowd including young and old alike had gathered to wish the team the very best.
Since then the VGB team has been receiving phone calls from their fans across Karnataka inviting to their cities and also wishing them good-luck. Now the VGB team is on the way to ChitraDurga.

Bangalorexpo team wishes them all success for the event. To get more info about their next visit, keep visiting

Thursday, June 30, 2011

VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA - Event Promotion Starts at tomorrow 8.30am

Nagendra Prasad, Vijay Raghavendra, Naveena Krishnaa, Meghana Gaonkar and entire team..
of our VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA moving tomorrow 8.30am from DODDA GANAPATI temple. basavanagudi. bangalore. come and wish us. thank u.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga - PRESS MEET Tribute to the Music Legend Hamsalekha

By Thankam Suresh - From Bangalorexpo

As a part of promoting Director Nagendra Prasad’s movie VGB (Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga ), a press meet was conducted at Bangalore on 27/06/11. The entire cast & crew from the movie and journalists from various media attended this meet.

The main agenda they discussed was the promotion of movie across Karnataka. For this purpose the entire team will be visiting cities all over the state. It will be known as “VGB- A JOURNEY BACK TO 1985.”

With the intention of transforming the youth to 1985, this event will take you to an era where your parents have experienced the beautiful Bangalore of 1980s.
A period when technology had not made much of advancement, yet everything was peaceful and serene

The movie talks about the youth during those days, who used to flock together for celebrating the famous festival of Ganesh Chathurthi, irrespective of religious sentiments. It is moreover a marvelous love story when mobiles did not exist. The only means of communication for the lovers during those times where the love letters, which had to be passed on with utmost care without being seen by the elders. The whole story is narrated beautifully and is in some way or the other related to each and everyone’s life.

The press meet was also organized as a tribute to the music legend Hamsalekha. The entire team of VGB(Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga) gave a very good welcome to him and also celebrated his birthday during the event. HamsaLekha was very much touched and wished the team with all success.

The team will be visiting you at your door step very soon from July 1st to take you back to 1985 Bangalore. To get the perfect feel of that lovely time, do watch it in the big screen on July 15th All over karnataka.

Also Watch the video of Press Meet

Sunday, June 26, 2011

ವೈ - you - ಲೈಕ್ - ಟು - see - Vinayaka geleyara balaga

NEEVU EE CINEMA {Vinayaka geleyara balaga }YAKE NOD BEKU ANDKONDIDDINI ANDRE......... {nimma oohe, anisikegaaagi kaaytaa iddini. aamele naanu heltini.}
Why- ಯೌ - ಲೈಕ್ - ಟು - see - Vinayaka geleyara balaga { ellaru helid mele naanu ಹೇಳ್ತೀನಿ - Nagendra Prasad }

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Movie Name : Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga
Releasing : 15th July 2011
Cast : Vijay Raghavendra, Naveen Krishna, Meghana Gaonkar...
Music Director : V Harikrishna
Director : V Nagendra Prasad
Producer : GT Pampaapathi, V Nagendra Prasad
Banner : GT Productions, Utsava Movies
Label : Ashwini Media Networks
Lyrics : Dr V Nagendra Prasad

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Nagendra Prasad - Vinayaka Gelayara Balaga

Freedom fighter“Bala gangadhar tilak” found an idea to fight against the britishers and help Indians increase their self confidence by establishing a Ganesha statue. In The film starts with a beautiful message and shows a group of youth uniting together without any religious ego, to celebrate Ganesha Chathurthi in their locality.


Nagendra Prasad said, “The whole film was shot using a steady camera to get the right feel. My intention was to make a film which should create a feel of a period two decades ago and make many people nostalgic about those days. Harikrishna has done an extra ordinary job as a music director. All the artistes who were selected for the film have done a fantastic job.”

VGB - Video Song

VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA - Video Songs Yaarivalee Hudugi - Unni Krishnan, Vani Harikrishnan – This song tops the charts among other songs in the entire film Vinayaka galayera balaga. Music is amazing and the lyrics by Nagendra Prasad are simply awesome. It’s a lovely track and it takes you to an enchanting Bangalore of 80s time. Play back singers Unni Krishnan and Vani Harikrishnan has done a marvelous job - By Bangalorexpo Online Media Portal