Sunday, June 26, 2011

ವೈ - you - ಲೈಕ್ - ಟು - see - Vinayaka geleyara balaga

NEEVU EE CINEMA {Vinayaka geleyara balaga }YAKE NOD BEKU ANDKONDIDDINI ANDRE......... {nimma oohe, anisikegaaagi kaaytaa iddini. aamele naanu heltini.}
Why- ಯೌ - ಲೈಕ್ - ಟು - see - Vinayaka geleyara balaga { ellaru helid mele naanu ಹೇಳ್ತೀನಿ - Nagendra Prasad }

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VGB - Video Song

VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA - Video Songs Yaarivalee Hudugi - Unni Krishnan, Vani Harikrishnan – This song tops the charts among other songs in the entire film Vinayaka galayera balaga. Music is amazing and the lyrics by Nagendra Prasad are simply awesome. It’s a lovely track and it takes you to an enchanting Bangalore of 80s time. Play back singers Unni Krishnan and Vani Harikrishnan has done a marvelous job - By Bangalorexpo Online Media Portal