Friday, July 1, 2011

VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA Promotional Trip kickstarts at Chitradurga & Davengere

By Thankam Suresh

VGB team’s first visit was to Chitradurga on 01/07/11, where they were greeted with a huge number of fans. MLA Mr.Basavaraj & Nagarasabha Adhyaksharu Sunitha Mallikarjun, ex- Nagarasabha Adhyaksharu and various media were present there to welcome Nagendra Prasad’s VGB team. As part of their social activity, the team then visited an ashram over there and had lunch with the inmates.

From there they started their journey to Davangere. As soon as the team entered the city, an enormous crowd welcomed them with huge applause. There the VGB team together with their fans conducted a road show for almost 3 kms which was an amazing experience.

After that the team was invited for an orchestra organized by their fans. The orchestra was simply superb and the main highlight was the dance performance by an eight year old kid. He was immensely talented and the whole VGB team was mesmerized by his performance. Director Nagendra Prasad, after watching him, immediately offered him a role in his upcoming movie with Shivrajkumar.

The fist day of the promotional trip NIMMOORALLI VINAYAKA GELEYARA BALAGA, had been a huge success and the VGB team thanked the fans and the media for their encouragement & co-operation.

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